Several online fish shooting games to meet the demands of Filipino players

In the old days of online casinos, some people considered fish shooting games to be a cheesy game that was not very popular with the masses, but that is not entirely true, as fish shooting games have changed over the years with more and more diverse shooting weapons and many fun-enhancing musical effects. The shooting game to get bonuses, which also has more different types and variations of footwear, each fish has a different stamina and probability bonus. The strength of the ammunition or weapon is the main factor that you have to buy or reload.

Advantages of playing fish shooting games with Wincity168

Unlimited access for 24 hours

Safe game environment

Multiple styles to choose from without feeling bored

Wincity168 from Asia’s Name game software offers fish shooting games

These games are audited by a third party (GLI) and represent a fair betting experience for all players who come to Wincity168 to place their bets on the fish shooting games, which have many special characters. These characters are fish, dinosaurs, birds or animals, etc. Some characters have similar point values, and for these characters, the boss is the target you want to target, and by successfully shooting the boss, he will have a higher value or maximize the player’s bonus.

The 3 cycles of fish shooting games

When you bet on fish shooting games, these games are divided into 3 cycles. This concept tells players that there are three cycles of fish shooting games: ” Bite”, “Spit” and “Normal”.

Normal period

At this time the machine will be in a no-win situation.

Spitting period

When you enter the spit stage, you will find that the fish in the game become easy to shoot and easy to score.

Bite period

The bite stage means that you can also get a bonus in this game, but the chances are not good.

How the shooting fish game works

All shoot fish games have a “Ramp Rate” mechanism, which means that when a player bets $1,000, the machine will only spit back a maximum of $990, and $10 is the casino’s cut. However, there are usually N people playing on a machine, which means that what you win is not the machine’s money, but the money of the person next to you, so at this time you also need to observe some of the losses and wins of the person next to you. If a person wins a lot of money, it is recommended that you take a break.