Acrobatics is a great slot game with a beautiful design and bright, engaging animations. You can play not only for free (demo mode), but also for real money. The maximum possible number of free spins is 50.

Acrobatics invites players to watch a performance featuring traditional Chinese performers, often called acrobats, presented in a 5X3 reel. In this breathtaking live performance, an impressive lineup of incredible theatrical acts will excite and astound players at the same time.

Acrobatics Game Symbols

It features free spins, wilds, copies and more, and the Wild Copy feature greatly increases your chances of winning! You can use WILD symbols instead of all the basic symbols in the game, which itself comes with the highest payout bonuses. In FREE GAME symbols are the symbols of the stage, and when you collect 5 FREE GAME symbols, you can get 50 FREE GAME times.

The other basic symbols have 2 of the best basic symbols, with payouts of up to 1000 for boys and 500 for girls.

Acrobatics LINES

Acrobatics online slot game has 9 paylines and these paylines give Filipino players more ways to win.