Alice Run

Alice Run is a very special game, it is Alice’s running game and he resembles the old Mario games, so the gameplay of this game is very simple.

Alice Run is one of those cool running games, such a classic style slots is appealing, but it requires the cute Alice character to venture along the path collecting candies to fill up the score bar. Once the energy bar of the game feature (bonus game) is fully accumulated, you will get a free game.

How to start playing Alice Run?

The Alice Run game is about to start and you have to get ready to make Alice run better by guiding the Alice character on a journey along the path. Collect lollipops and avoid obstacles to successfully complete the levels. Before doing so, you have to choose the odds of each bet you place and how you want to play the game, whether it’s automatic or manual.

Alice Run Game Symbols

There are a total of 3 styles of symbols in the game, and some candies will pay you a bonus. During the game, collect the candies that appear on the road to fill up the energy bar and enter the bonus game, spin for free and collect the multipliers. There are 8-16 free spins, and if you get a multiplier during the free game, it will be added to your total earnings.