The gorgeous GOLDEN FISH, with several fish in shiny gold colors, also carries high odds. In Chinese mythology, GOLDEN FISH stands for good fortune and wealth, and your eyes may be blinked.

The game is presented in a 5X6 reel format, the background of the game is an oriental building, also like in the bottom of the sea, full of air bubbles, and another pleasant background music, so that Filipino players can get a good gaming experience here.

GOLDEN FISH Game Symbols

Besides the basic symbols and the beautiful GOLDEN FISH symbols, there are also two important game symbols, SCATTER symbols that provide free spins, once you collect 3 SCATTER symbols you will get 4 free spins.

In addition to the SCATTER symbol, the WILD symbol can also replace other basic symbols in the game, and this symbol is a shiny gem.

GOLDEN FISH Game Play Explanation

If you are playing GOLDEN FISH online slots for the first time, you can check the instructions in MENU, click on the BET for the odds you want to bet up to $30, SPIN is the button that allows you to click on the start game, if you don’t want to keep clicking on the start game, you can click on AUTO for continuous spins, or use TURBO for quick play. If you don’t want to keep clicking on the start button, you can click on AUTO to spin continuously or use TURBO to play quickly.