Pong Pong Hu online slot is a relatively simple video game slot created by Fa Chai as a tribute to the classic mahjong game. The game is solid and reliable, with great graphics and audio to help you immerse yourself in the game.

Pong Pong Hu is played with 3 reels and 1 payline. The mahjong tiles in Pong Pong Hu are beautifully designed not only to please the player’s eyes, but also to help them win better prizes by making it easier for them to understand the game and win the tournament.

Pong Pong Hu Game Symbols

The symbols in the game are mainly two Chinese characters “中” and “發”, which are arranged in different ways to earn different prizes. The pay table contains five standard symbols: single green, double green, double red single and three red mahjong tiles. You need three matching symbols to win. Any combination of three red, three green or three different cards will also be awarded.

When you are on reel 4 the bonus multiplier appears, X10, X5, X2 which are the number of free spins, if the Chinese mahjong dice in Pong Pong Hu game will give you 1 – 5 free spins.